We are almost one month into the fantasy baseball season and some players are struggling while others are off to a hot start.

            While it would be nice to have all the players who are tearing the cover off the ball on your fantasy team, it is most likely that you have some struggling players on your team.  It is vital to the success of your team that you are able to identify which slow-starters will turn it around, like notoriously slow-starter Adam Laroche and which hot-starters are likely to flame out like Emelio Bonafacio did in 2009 when he had 14 hits, four stolen bases and nine runs through five games and then flamed out hard. (Yes, I stole the “Bonafide or Bonafacio” from the ESPN fantasy focus baseball podcast. Sorry, it is a great premise.)
            Let’s look at the Buy-low and then Sell-high candidates:
            Buy Low:
            Ben Zobrist: Zobrist is currently hitting .203 which may give some pause to his owners who may want to trade him away.  Go get him.  Even while only hitting .203, he has hit five home runs and has stolen three bases.  The average will climb as he currently possesses a measly .208 Batting Average on Balls In Play (BAbip).  His career BAbip is .275 so once that goes up, so will his average.
            Matt Garza: Garza currently has a 4.11 Earned Run Average (ERA) and a 1.467 Walk + Hits/ Innings Pitched (WHIP) which may scare some of his owners.  However, he is striking out a ton of batters, has not walked many and has not given up any home runs. That suggests he is getting a bit unlucky and I expect both his ERA and WHIP to drop to much better levels.
            Sell High:
            Matt Kemp: By sell high, I mean get bottom first or top of second round talent for him.  He is a stud and will help teams in all five hitting categories if he plays to his ability.  However, his BAbip is unusually high at .470 while his career average is .349.  Remember, he started off blazing last year as well, it is yet to be seen if he could keep it going for a full season. If you could get a panicky owner to trade you say a struggling Carlos Gonzalez for Matt Kemp, do it.
            Andre Ethier: Yes I happen to be a Diamondbacks fan and yes I do not view Dodgers favorably but this is NOT a biased opinion.  These two just happen to be off to great starts and I just happen to believe they are being a tad overvalued.  In addition, if you have a friend that is a Dodger fan, you can take advantage of his love and sell him two fast-starting hitters for more than they are worth.  Ethier is hitting 120 points above his career BAbip.  That is not going to last and his average, rbi’s and runs will all decrease.  SELL SELL SELL!

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