The 2011 NFL draft is only two days away and it may be the most exciting draft weekend in the history of the NFL.

            Why? Because Judge Susan Nelson ruled to put an injunction on the lockout meaning that there is a major possibility that NFL teams will be allowed to trade players for draft.  Before the ruling, teams were not allowed to talk to their players, let alone trade them to another team.
            Also, there has not been a free agency period because of the lockout which means all teams have more positions to fill going into the draft than usual.
            It is yet to be seen how that will affect how teams draft but it will change the strategies of most if not all teams, that is for sure.
            So while there are some major questions heading into the draft, I would like to take a look at some of the more entertaining questions we, as fans, have for the draft. Such as:
            How many QB’s will be drafted in the first round and to which teams?
            It looks more and more like Cam Newton will be the first overall pick going to the Carolina Panthers. The second QB taken is most likely going to be Gabbert, but where will he land?
            I think both the Broncos and Bills are satisfied with their current starting QB’s so I think they will pass. I could see the Bengals selecting Gabbert but I am assuming they go the WR route and select AJ Green.
            That leaves the Cardinals with Gabbert there for the taking and I bet they run to the podium like a giddy kid running home from school. But I also think that AT LEAST 4 QB’s come off the board in the first.
            Disclaimer: this may be a biased view given I am a Titans fan; however, I am guessing the Titans will try to trade back and if they are successful, they will take Jake Locker at whatever number they fall to.
            Then I also see either Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder or both going in the first round, as well. I bet the Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Vikings would like to take one and then another team would like to trade back into the first round to grab the remaining QB.  Maybe the Bengals, given the uncertainty of Palmer, maybe the 49ers or Redskins?
            In a league where QB’s are king, and with so many teams needing QB’s, how could teams afford NOT to take a QB they feel could be special?
            I also have been hearing about rumors of teams liking Julio Jones over AJ Green or Prince Amukamara over Patrick Peterson or even Jimmy Smith over Peterson.  I think the former is warranted.  Jones is an absolute beast at his position standing at six feet, three inches tall and runs the 40 at a blazing 4.39 time.  He is, according to most analysts, also the more mature of the two as he is said to have a tremendous work ethic without that infamous WR diva mentality.
            It is absolutely possible that Jones will turn out to be the better pro.
            I do not think it is warranted to see either Amukamara or Smith as a better prospect than Peterson.  I remember watching a few LSU games last year and every game I watched, #7 was always breaking up passes and was always around the ball.  Peterson is a once in a decade type of talent at corner in my opinion.
            Stay tuned for some more blogs about the draft coming later.

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