Over the past decade or so, something has become apparent when it comes to the NFL: parity is king.  Almost like clockwork, half of the teams that made the playoffs one year will not qualify the next year. For example, last year, five of the playoff teams, (Steelers, Chiefs, Bears, Falcons, Seahawks) did not make the playoffs the previous year.  And last year was a year (a year where seven of twelve teams were playoff returners) with a relatively small amount of playoff turnover.  So that is all to say this, if you are going to predict the final season standings, a good rule of thumb is to choose five to seven new playoff teams.  With that in mind, I have five new
teams making the playoffs this year.

AFC East:                                                                     NFC East:
1. Patriots       12-4                                                       1. Cowboys  10-6
2. *Jets           10-6                                                       2. Eagles       9-7
3. Dolphins      7-9                                                         3. Redskins   8-8
4. Bills             6-10                                                       4. Giants       6-10

AFC North:                                                                   NFC North
1. Steelers       11-5                                                       1. Packers     11-5
2. *Ravens      9-7                                                         2. *Lions       10-6
3. Browns       8-8                                                         3. Bears         7-9
4. Bengals       4-12                                                       4. Vikings       6-10

AFC South                                                                    NFC South
1. Texans        9-7                                                          1. Saints         12-4
2. Titans          10-6                                                        2. *Falcons    10-6
3. Jaguars        6-10                                                        3. Buccaneers 8-8
4. Colts           5-11                                                        4. Panthers     3-13

AFC West                                                                     NFC West
1. Chargers     12-4                                                       1. Rams         10-6
2. Chiefs         7-9                                                         2. Cardinals    8-8
3. Broncos      6-10                                                       3. 49ers         6-10
4. Raiders       6-10                                                       4. Seahawks  5-11


Jets over Titans
Steelers over Ravens
Rams over Falcons
Cowboys over Lions

Steelers over Chargers
Patriots over Jets
Cowboys over Saints
Packers over Rams

Conference Championships:
Patriots over Steelers
Packers over Cowboys

Super Bowl
Packers over Patriots
(Editor’s Note: Levi had sent this in as his original Super Bowl match-up, as his editor, I made a mistake and picked Steelers over Cowboys in the Super Bowl.)
(Second Note: Levi is his own editor)


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