Tim Tebow.
Immediately, every single one of you has an opinion, an unwavering opinion probably.
That’s fine. In fact, it’s encouraged because after all, as the old cliché goes, everybody is entitled to their opinion.So I am not going to try to change your opinion of him. I don’t want to.
Because, there are three aspects of life that everybody, or almost everybody, has an opinion on: religion, politics and sports.
Sports is great because most of the time, people can sit down and argue for hours about sports topics without getting personal or becoming angry. Well, except for you SEC fans out there.

But Tebow is one topic that combines at least two of the three topics and creates a giant ball of divisiveness around him.

Tebow was an absolutely wonderful college quarterback, maybe the best of all time. That’s not arguable.
But it is possible that Tebow is even more known for his off-the-field beliefs than his on-the-field play. Tebow is a religious man. And he takes every opportunity to practice his religion.
In the overtime win over the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 23, Tebow began to pray after the game-ending field goal instead of celebrating with his teammates. Is that wrong?
I don’t know. I am not part of that team. I do not know how his teammates feel about it. But it does happen all the time.
When players score a touchdown, many look to the sky and point or take a knee and give a quick prayer instead of running to their teammates.
So why was Tebow so scrutinized for it by some of his peers nonetheless?
The following week, the Detroit Lions came into Denver and completely thrashed the Broncos and Tebow in particular. He looked lost.

The Lions added insult to injury by “Tebowing” after big plays. Yes, Tebow praying after the game against the Dolphins created a phenomenon where people would say they are “Tebowing” instead of praying.

Instead of acting professionally and celebrating amongst themselves after big plays, the Lions purposely targeted Tebow for insult.
What made Tebow so big of a target that an entire NFL team targeted him for ridicule?
The main difference between Tebow and any other over-hyped first-round prospect that is struggling in their first time playing is his over-the-top fans.
These fans are so blinded by their love for Tebow, that they do not even acknowledge his flaws. Even when the great Peyton Manning first came into the NFL, his most loyal fans could see that there were some slight flaws.
And Manning’s flaws were much, much smaller than Tebow’s. But it does not matter when it comes to Tebow. According to his fans, he is going to succeed because of his “will to succeed” or his “faith in God and himself.”
If God is going to help Tebow succeed in the NFL, then God has lost sight of the bigger picture.
But that is beside the point.
The fans are what bring so much scrutiny on Tebow. If he was just another first-round quarterback that was struggling in his first couple of games, it would not nearly be the story it is.
Many saw what the Lions did as an embarrassment and downright disrespectful. Maybe.
But it is understandable. Tebow should not get special treatment from fans and teams because he is religious. Which is what this all boils down to.
If he was Muslim, how much would fans love him then?
Probably not much.


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