Perfection is not easily obtained, in fact, most of the time it is downright impossible. But this year, with CSUSB’s volleyball team, perfection has become routine.

The team went 27-0 this year during the regular season. It has achieved perfection so far and they hope to continue that during the playoffs that start today, Thursday Nov. 17.

The team has been utterly dominant as it has only lost six sets all year and never more than one set in a match. It’s been awe-inspiring.

But this has become what is expected of the talented group and what they expect out of themselves. They had a goal in mind when the year began, a national championship. They will not settle for less after losing in the National Championship Tournament three years in a row.

Even in practice, the focus and intensity of the team is felt throughout the gym. They practice as though they are playing for the championship every day. I think they may be picturing the Concordia University, St Paul team – the team that has knocked them out of the National Championship race three years in a row, while they are practicing.

Who can blame them? Concordia is their nemesis. They are the Achilles heel of this team. Or so it seems, at least.

So now, this year, their passion overflows during practice so that when and if their moment comes when they must face Concordia again, they will be ready.

However, the team must focus on what is in front of them at this moment as the Lady Coyotes face-off against the Alaska Anchorage Sea Wolves first, here at CSUSB. These two squads met earlier this year with the Lady Coyotes dispatching the Sea Wolves, 3-0.

If the ‘Yotes are able to duplicate that result, they will move on to play Friday and if they win, they will play Saturday, as well.

If the ladies get past the weekend unscathed, which I and many others including themselves expect them to do, they will move on to the National Championship Quarterfinals on Dec. 1.

There is a lot of pressure on these girls as the expectations for this team have obviously been raised to unbelievable heights, but it seems as though they would not have it any other way.

Thankfully, the Coyotes would not have to face Concordia until the National Championship game on Dec. 3, but I have a feeling the results would be different this time around anyways.

So go Coyotes, achieve perfection!


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