Bio: My name is James Levi Burnfin, but I go by Levi. I am an aspiring sports writer which is why this blog is all about sports. I have always been passionate about sports as I have played many of them at least once and have covered several more as a reporter for the student newspaper at CSUSB. I graduated from CSUSB (California State University, San Bernardino) in December 2011. But while I was there, I was a staff writer for the sports section of the Coyote Chronicle for two quarters. I was also the Assistant Sports Editor for two quarters and the Sports Editor for an additional quarter.
My overall goal is to become a sports columnist or beat writer for a MLB team. But, for now, these are my own personal thoughts and observations on the world of sports, from baseball and football to water polo and Minor League Hockey

Fun Facts:

– Favorite teams: Arizona Diamondbacks, Tennessee Titans, Oregon Ducks Athletics and Phoenix Coyotes. I have an eclectic taste in teams as you can tell which is based off of the new teams that were formed when I first started becoming a big fan. The Diamondbacks were an expansion team in 1998, the Titans were sort of a new team after changing their name from the Houston Oilers to the Tennessee Titans in 1999 and finally the Coyotes because they moved to Phoenix in 1996.

– Favorite things to do when not blogging: I play softball and basketball weekly in organized leagues as well as bowl on a weekly basis. I am also pretty good at Madden on xbox 360 if I do say so myself. (Tag: ccowboy88)

Follow on Twitter: @JLBurnfin


2 thoughts on “Introduction

    • Not really much of a Coyotes fan… If I had to pick one, I guess they would be it… But a team hasn’t really grabbed much of my attention yet… And, you would literally start crying after I got done with you in madden!

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