I have never been more convinced that I should NOT follow the NBA more than I do.

Lakers fans reaction

Tonight has been a roller coaster of emotions for all NBA fans and for three fan bases in particular; at least one of which has to be more crushed and bitter than a “salty biscuit” right now.

Let’s recap real quickly:

Lakers, Hornets and Rockets completed a deal that would send All-pro Guard Chris Paul to the Lakers while Lamor Odom, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and Luis Scola head to New Orleans with the Rockets receiving Pau Gasol.

Realistically, the trade makes sense for all three teams.

However, after many of the details of the deal leaked out to the media and the entire Lakers Nation erupted in joy for receiving Paul, it’s reported that several NBA owners are putting pressure on the league office to cancel the trade.

And David Stern, being the good little commissioner that he is, obliged. He completely and utterly went above and beyond his responsibilities as commissioner and effectively denied the Hornets the chance to receive market value for Paul while simultaneously crushing the hopes of one of the two biggest fan bases in the entire NBA.

He was able to do this because the Hornets are currently under control of the NBA. So by putting immense pressure on the league appointed GM of the Hornets, Dell Demps, he has changed the landscape of the NBA forever. Mark my words, this while have a ripple effect on the NBA for years to come. But that is not worth getting into right now.

Currently, I want to sit back and ridicule the joke of a league the NBA has made itself right now. There are several reports out there that make some sense as to why in the world the NBA would deny this trade, a few of which make sense. But one is incredibly disturbing and it is also a reason that would give Chris Paul an incredible lawsuit against the league: ‘David [Stern] didn’t like that the players were dictating where they wanted to go, like Carmelo had, and he wasn’t going to let Chris Paul dictate where he wanted to go,” said an anonymous league source according to several writers on ESPN and Yahoo.

If that is true, it is the most arrogant, ludicrous and comical action any league commissioner has ever made. And trust me, that is a long and distinguished list of commissioner screw ups.

And if that story can be corroborated and I am Chris Paul, I march to the nearest courthouse and file an anti-trust lawsuit. (Ironically, the players were able to end the lockout by filing an anti-trust lawsuit against the NBA.)

Guaranteed, Paul would win that lawsuit which would really have big implications for the league. So Chris Paul, do it please! Because Stern obviously believes he is a above the law and needs to be fired, IMMEDIATELY!

Finally, while Lakers Nation is crying their selves to sleep tonight, the fans that should be even more pissed are the New Orleans Hornets’ fans. Because the league has blocked the best trade the Hornets are possibly going to get this season. They were receiving four players that could start for them right now. Pau Gasol is still a star and Lamar Odom is a match-up nightmare.

It was similar to the haul that the Denver Nuggets received last year for Carmelo. But now, the Hornets are left with 66 games of Chris Paul and then he is gone. They will receive nothing in return and they will be destined to year after year of bad teams until they are able to draft another Chris Paul.

So thanks David, way to show us once again, that while Bud Selig is an idiot and Roger Goodell is a dictator, they pale in comparison to your stupidity and ‘tyrant-ness.’


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