Can someone tell me the difference between Ryan Braun and Melky Cabrera? Anybody?

They both tested positive for PEDs. They both tried to get off through somewhat shady techniques (okay, so Melky’s was way shadier than Brauns but Melky at least admitted it). And Braun just happened to get off on a stupid technicality so nobody vilified him for it.

Yet, Melky is being crucified and calls for him to be kicked out of the game entirely is coming from big-time reporters such as MLB Network analyst Rick Suttcliffe here.

But really, is what Melky did so much worse than Braun that Braun is allowed to go about his business winning MVPs and earning millions of dollars while Melky should be ostracized from baseball?

Or is there a key difference in the two that I am missing? Maybe their origins of their last name? Hmm… that must be it.


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