Bryan Bennett was supposed to be the second coming. He was as fast as Jeremiah Masoli but threw like a pocket passer. He is the whole reason the Ducks and their fans  didn’t freak out when Darron Thomas decided to leave school early.

Marcus Mariota is apparently better.

Ducks fans have only seen Mariota in a red jersey. Can he put on the green and yellow (or whatever colors they’re going with) and lead the Ducks to a Natty?

Mariota kind of came out of nowhere. He is a redshirt freshman and his name was hardly even mentioned last year as a big-time recruit. In fact, it was unsure what position he would even play.

It all doesn’t matter now as it looks like Mariota passed up Bennett as the successor to Thomas. The only public glimpse of Mariota was during Oregon’s Spring game this year where he easily outplayed Bennett going 18-26 for 202 yards and a touchdown.

But we know Oregon isn’t about its passing numbers. Can Mariota handle a pretty complicated offensive scheme and be able to keep up with the frantic pace? Apparently, Chip Kelly thinks so.

Kelly also made a similar decision two years ago when he chose Thomas to succeed Masoli over senior Nate Costa. That decision turned out alright – one National Championship appearance and a Rose Bowl victory.

Can Mariota match or even exceed that success? Maybe. I’m sure looking forward to finding out and possibly four straight years of another stud QB.

On a different note: If I hear one person say how bad the Ducks’ defense is this year, I will no longer listen to any of your sports opinions because you don’t know what you’re talking about. All about Yards Per Play…. not Total Yards.


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