College football ATL picks:

1. Maryland +3 over UCONN

A home dog against a mediocre UCONN team? Done and Done

2. Navy +7 over Penn State

I’ll take any kind of points against Penn State right now. They can’t score against anybody right now.

3. Tennessee -3 over Florida

Talk about offenses that can’t score, Florida is AWFUL offensively. UT looking to be relevant again and this is their biggest game in quite a few years. Yeah, I wish it was 2.5 but 3 isn’t bad, either.

4. Wisconsin -14 over Utah St

So, Oregon State beat Wisky. Wisconsin is looking like they suck. AND they’re giving 14 points to a decent team? It’s freaking Utah State!

5. Michigan State -6 over Notre Dame

Notre Dame is perpetually overrated. Michigan State is criminally underrated so far. Ya, I’ll give the 6.


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