What more can you say about tonight that hasn’t already been said? This lockout is an embarrassment to the league and needs to be rectified immediately.

I’m not even sure how Roger Goodell and the NFL respond to this.

“So, uh, that was clearly a catch. Golden Tate had his pinkie finger on the ball and by rule, that is a touchdown. We think!”

The bright side is, they can create a rule, much like the “tuck rule,” except this time they can call it the “Golden Rule.” And that’s a much better name. Plus, it has a positive connotation. It’s all about Public Relations, people.

But here is something I do have to say. If you argue that this doesn’t matter to the NFL because people are still going to watch and the NFL still making money, just stop. This isn’t good for the NFL. Having your product ridiculed non-stop for the last three weeks can NOT be good for the NFL.

Yes, the NFL has built up so much equity throughout the country, and world really, that people will still watch and this isn’t a fatal flaw in the machine that is the NFL – but it IS a scar on the brand name and shield of the NFL. Period.

This is simultaneous possession? Oh. Okay.

Look, it’s no guarantee that the regular refs would have gotten the call right immediately (considering the replay official is the regular employee of the NFL and NOT part of the lockout). But what is a guarantee is that they would have handled it better. There was no discussion on the field after the two refs signaled two different calls. If that’s a regular crew, they would not have been done in by the pressure of having the game in their hands. They would have met and discussed the situation to get the best call at that time and THEN headed into the replay booth to decide the game.

That COULD have swayed the decision the right way.

Nevertheless, this has to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, right? It just has to be.

But will the regular refs continue to demand ridiculous compromises from the NFL? I mean, they are asking for more than $30,000 a year in annuities put into their 401K for working 17 days a year. Are they kidding me? Their list of demands is MUCH more ridiculous than any demands players had during the last labor dispute.

Regardless, the NFL may have no choice at this point. So congratulations, Ed Hochuli. You now have permission to get even MORE jacked up than you already are. Cha-Ching!


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