It’s always good when the Titans are able to beat the Steelers. Over the years, there has been two teams that have really given the Titans trouble – the Ravens and the Steelers.

For about 10 years, the Titans, Ravens and Steelers were infamous for their rugged defenses and physical style of play. The Titans were always able to go toe-to-toe with them but both teams seemed to get the upper hand.

So, anytime the Titans are able to beat either of them, I’m happy about it. That being said, the Titans still are awful this year.

They aren’t very physical. Their defense cannot, for the life of ’em, create any pressure on the quarterback (despite signing Kameron Wimbley to a big contract in the offseason).

Their secondary is shaky – there is always at least one coverage breakdown every game – and their tackling is even worse. That’s not a good combination. Even in the win over the Steelers, they didn’t look good on defense. The Steelers lost two running backs and I don’t even know how many offensive lineman and they still scored 23 points on the Titans. Back in the day, they would have held them to 10.

CJ2K no longer makes anybody miss and has only gained 3.3 yards per carry this year. And he’s not even THAT good.

Unfortunately, the Titans have never really had a great offense. Even in 2010, when Chris Johnson was a great running back, they weren’t one of the best offenses in the league. And now, they may be worse. CJ2YPC (Yards Per Carry) shows no burst. He had a decent game against the Steelers but he really should have had an AMAZING game. The holes were enormous and he should have broke a couple of long runs. He didn’t. He’s basically a running back that gets exactly the number of yards that are blocked for him, if not less. He used to take a play that was blocked for 10 and break it for 40. Now, he gets eight.

It’s really frustrating and I’m betting CJ2YPC is no longer with Titans after this year.

But back to this year’s team (with 80-year-old Matt Hasslebeck at QB). It was good to get a win no matter how many flaws I still saw. And the Titans schedule finally gets a bit easier with four of their next five games against teams .500 or worse – Buffalo, Indianapolis, Miami and Jacksonville (Chicago, at 4-1 is sandwiched in between Indy and Miami. Up to this point, their opponents have a combined record of 17-11.

So, maybe the Titans can win three of the next five? That would make them 4-6, which is a couple more wins than I thought they might have all season to be honest.

Side note: Why couldn’t they have picked last season to be awful and picked Andrew Luck instead of the year before or this year? I mean, who’s the QB they can take in next year’s draft? Matt Barkley? Geno Smith? Laughable.

And yes, I am giving up on Jake Locker; didn’t like the pick when they took him and have seen nothing from him that changes my opinion. Has no accuracy but is a great athlete that always seems to get hurt. Hmmmm, where have I seen a Titans QB like that before? Oh, maybe in bankruptcy court last month. Yup, here’s looking at you Vince Young.

Oh, Titans. Good thing my Ducks are awesome. So, ya, Go Ducks!


One thought on “Disappointing Win??

  1. I can only remember one disappointing win in my team’s (Buffalo) history: 1999 Week 17 31-6 win against the Colts. Rob Johnson threw 3 td’s, and they ended up starting him against the Titans in the Wildcard the next week, and we all know how that ended up.

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