This season, I will be running a fantasy baseball keeper league with an auction draft. The point of the league is to simulate the real-life decisions of General Managers in MLB as much as we can but still keeping the league competitive each and every year. I don’t want a team making a couple of bad decisions and being killed for it the next few seasons but I also do want a team that makes a few great decisions having a decided advantage. With that in mind, here is the constitution for the league. This is a money league but if you are interested after reading the details, text me or hit me up on Twitter of Facebook. This constitution is not set in stone and I’m looking for ways to improve it… But the general framework for this league will stay the same.

Fantasy Baseball Keeper League Constitution

This is the Constitution of the ConMen Fantasy Baseball Keeper League. This league exists for smack talk, laughs, money making, fun, and ultimately to prove who knows most about hardball. Or in some cases, who may or may not have the best “software.”

This league consists of 10 or 12 owners for the 2013 season. The owners for the 2013 season are: Levi Burnfin, Brandon Hamilton, Mickey McKitrick, Brett Hamilton, Brian Earls….

The scoring will be rotisserie-style with 6X6 categories.
Hitting: OBP, Slugging, HRs, SBs, RBIs, Runs
Pitching: QS, ERA, WHIP, Ks, Saves, Holds

Each team will consist of 28 players on the roster. The position slots are: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, Util, Util, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN. There will also be two DL spots to be used during the season.

Max games played per position- 180. Max Innings Pitched is 2000. Daily moves.

Draft and Salaries-
Every year, the ConMen FBL will hold a pre-season draft on a date to be determined. The draft will use an auction format with each team given a $260 budget in which to draft all 28 players. Drafts will be scheduled at the beginning of each season with every intention to be the weekend before the start of the MLB season.

After each season, each team manager will select exactly five players to keep for the next season. If that player was drafted by the team in question during that season (and was never dropped), the team manager may keep that player at that price for one more season. After that second season at the same price, the manager may choose to “re-sign” that player. The manager can keep him for an unlimited amount of seasons but each season costs an extra $5 on the contract. For example, if team A re-signs a $15 player for three years, that player is now owed $30 for the next three years (if signed for four years, it’s now $35 per year and so forth). After that contract, the owner may decide to extend the player once again but this time for $10 per year extended. The amount of dollars used to “keep” players is taken out of that team’s budget for the following draft. Keepers must be designated one week before the scheduled draft date. All possible keepers and their contract will be listed on a Google Docs spreadsheet accessible to all members of the league.

Undrafted Free Agents – All UFAs will be placed on waivers directly after the draft. Claims will be processed each Wednesday during the year. Each team will be afforded a $100 FAAB budget to make claims. The value of any UFA keeper is the amount he was claimed for last. (i.e. If Player A is claimed in April for $10 but is then dropped and claimed for $20 in August, his keeper number is $20.)
Drafted Free Agents – Once a player is drafted, his contract is based off the amount of money he was purchased for that year. For example, if Player A is drafted for $20 and then subsequently dropped at some point during the season, he may still be kept by the team awarded the claim but for that same $20.
Trades – All traded players will maintain their draft day value and/or undrafted free agent status. The trade deadline will be set at the beginning of each year but will be within the first two weeks of August. Trades are subject to a review of two days by the league. A majority vote is needed to veto a trade with the parties involved in the trade not included. If the votes to veto are half of the league, the commissioner is the tie-breaker.
No acquisitions of any kind may be made once September begins except in cases of rostered players going to the DL.

Each Manager will pay $50 at the beginning of each season. If a team needs to be replaced, new managers will be assessed a $25 dollar fee to attract new owners… The “spoils” will be assessed appropriately.

First place will take 50 percent of the pot.
Second place will take 30 percent.
Third place will take 20 percent.
Fourth place is awarded $10 extra in salary in the following year’s draft.
Last place is awarded the honored distinction of…. need a good idea from the league here.

Any collusion is grounds for automatic dismissal from the league and forfeiture of any fees/winnings.
Collusion includes anything done in an attempt to circumvent the spirit of the laws and regulations that govern the league without any true motive to progress one’s team. At all times, a team manager must be attempting to better their team within the rules of this constitution. If a reasonable explanation can be given for any acquisition, trade, decision or other to show that the best interest of the team in question was at the forefront, collusion cannot be proved.
However, if collusion is found, and the team is expelled from the league, the fees and or winnings of that team manager will be rolled over to the next season’s pot.

Rule Changes-
In-season changes may ONLY be made by UNANIMOUS vote. Offseason changes can be made for the NEXT season only by a super-majority (i.e. 75 percent of the league). Changes for a season after the next season can be made by a simple majority. New managers are not allowed a vote on league changes until one season of play has elapsed.

League Expansion-
If it is determined that the league would like to expand to include more teams, it will be done through an expansion draft. If the expansion is only one team, each original team will be allowed to “protect” four of their keepers. The expansion team can then choose five of the kept players off the original teams’ rosters or from the free-agent pool. If there are two expansion teams, the original teams can only “protect” three of their keepers but can only lose one keeper per team as the two expansion teams participate in a snake draft from the pool of available keepers and free agents.


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