It’s not just another teen angst movie.
Even though it started out like it, with high-school horror hyperbole, it turned into a uniquely spirited film about teen, well, angst.
It was deeply personal. It was deeply unselfish. It was unique.
It led through the dark tunnel that high school can be and provided a light for the darkest moments of life. And its three main characters were equally bright in the darkest of moments.
Emma Watson (Sam) was brilliant. As expected. Yet her lofty heights were met by her counterparts, Logan Lerman (Charlie) and Ezra Miller (Patrick).
Charlie is that succinctly insecure teen that was in all of us at one point or another. He fought his own demons while trying to find his place. He was intellectually light years ahead of his age in the film, yet he was trapped in childhood. His pain, although carefully hidden, was apparent on his face during key moments. He played his part brilliantly as he navigated the evils that plagued him and his childhood.
Patrick was the comic relief, but ultimately also the driving force behind the journey. He pulled the film and the its characters forward, into the tunnel, into life, into the future. The darkness that crept beneath the surface of the film throughout was softened by his light.
And finally Sam, the female counterpart to Charlie, in more ways than one, but was also Charlie’s guiding light. She was older in age and in maturity and had been through what Charlie was handed. She showed him the way, even if she was still trying to find her own way.
I’m not a movie critic, even though I guess I’m trying to be with this post, but I found this movie to be enlightened, enjoyable and yet deeply heavy. In my list of favorite movies, it doesn’t fit with Bull Durham or V for Vendetta, yet is entirely belongs.


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