Fast 6 is all you can ask for from a non-stop action, no-plot, misogynistic, hole-ridden,  man flick. It’s gut-wrenching, blood-boiling, NOS-burning, jaw-crunching good ole fun.

The Fast franchise now rivals movie series from across film history. Even 006 himself, who has a three decade jump, is in sight. And that’s really saying something coming from a Bond fanatic.

But the latest installment of Fast is the best one yet, adding to an admittedly shallow, but insanely enjoyable array. It has the two best chase scenes (too bad they wasted them both in the first half hour); and the most star power. Plus, laugh-worthy jokes. Not bad for a film where the Rock is the best actor.

Oh, did I mention it introduces this generation’s action king, Jason Statham? I can’t wait for the seventh ride.


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